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Welcome to the Webmaster's Page-

I hope you are enjoying your visit to the Central High School 214th Class Website. As I sit in front of the computer screen, it is incomprehensible that over fifty-five years have passed since we all walked the halls of CHS. It seems like yesterday when the school was for so many of us the main focus of our teen-age years. The teachers, the classes, the after-school clubs and sports activities, the challenges, and, yes, the friendships we made that have become lifelong...all are part of the fabric that joins us together. At our recent reunion-the fifty-fifth- as many of us piled into the building for the morning of talks,  tours, and reminiscing, it was as though time had stood still. It was as if we were arriving for classes, right off the 26 bus or the Broad Street Subway or by car- if we were fortunate enough to have a friend or older sibling who drove. This distinguished group of seventy-two year- old men suddenly became once again seniors of CHS and  the irrepressible 214th class. They wore their 12B class pins with the Chuck Blardone femme fatale draped on the front with the black, bold '214' numerals for all to see, their red woolen varsity letter sweaters with the yellow gothic 'C' emblazoned on the front, the Barnwell Honor Roll pins proudly displayed on their belts; they were brash, sophisticated men of the world, planning for their Senior prom, the upcoming summer activities, contemplating their Fall admission to their chosen college, all of them flushed with the energetic exhuberance of youth; all  with their lives in front of them...not having a care about or knowing what lie  ahead.  But time passes, and suddenly,  here we are- once again entering the hallowed halls of 'Dear Old High', friends greeting friends, some gray-haired, some paunchy, others bent with age, but then, on passing through the portals of CHS, the years have melted away...if for only a few hours. My best wishes for a Happy New Year to you, my classmates, and to all those from the many other classes who have made the visit back to 'those glorious days of old'. I hope that this website has made your visit a memorable one, and you'll drop by again to reconnect. A question or comment, drop me an e-mail at hiapms@aol.com.

Let others sing of college days....                                                                      


Allen Hirsh                                                                                                                                            Webmaster