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2015 Cheerleading Competition
Central High School Cheerleading Competition 2014
Watch our cheerleaders- men and women- compete in the 2014 Public League Cheerleading competition

Art McNally at 50th Reunion 1
Art McNally at the 50th Reunion - Part 1
Art McNally, our venerable Phys Ed teacher. coach and NFL Referee, graced our 50th Reunion in October, 2010 with his lively chat about his career at Central, the NFL and other enterprises - Part 1

Art McNally at 50th Reunion 2
Art McNally at the 50th Reunion - Part 2
Art McNally, our venerable Phys Ed teacher. coach and NFL Referee, graced our 50th Reunion in October, 2010 with his lively chat about his career at Central, the NFL and other enterprises. Part 2

Bill Cosby at 270th graduation
Dr. Bill Cosby (I know) addresses CHS 270th Graduation
Here is Dr. Cosby (I know...) addressing the 270th class at its graduation. Of course, this occurred before 'his fall from grace'.

CHS Association Newsletter
Central Home & School Association Newsletter
The monthly Central Home & School Association newsletter has all the latest information about our Alma Mater

CHS Student website
Central High School website-
All the information a student (or alumnus) needs to be current to what is happening at CHS...from the student point-of-view, Interesting reading.

CHS apparel
B & T Sportswear, Columbia, Pa
Order your CHS clothing, hats, sweats, and other apparel for your grandchildren, of course

CHS vs Frankford football game
Central versus Frankford (2012) the complete game
Haven't been to a Central game recently? Well, here's an exciting game from 2012 in HD. Sit back and enjoy. No, I won't disclose the winner.

CHS- A Day in the Life....- Video
A Typical Day at CHS
Another Media class video(2:39) by Thomas Duong and Chris Danks, both members of the 268th Class; this day's visit is accompanied musically by The WHO's "Teenage Wasteland"

CHS- The Time of Your Life
Central High School- The Time of Your Life
Thanks to Thomas Duong and Chris Danks of the 268th Class for a 2:41 minute video clip of a 'contemporary' day at Central High School. Some of it will look familiar, some of it ...well, it is 2009. A project for their Media class, I believe.

CHS-First Day at School - Vide
Another video from the Media class- The First Day of Class 2008
A five-minute- plus video by Kyle Werder and RaeShelle Drayton of the 269th class -set to contemporary Rap Music-that captures the first day of the new school year. Included is a short student interview of Dr. Pavel, offering a litany of do's and don'ts for success for both Seniors and Freshman. A curious mixture of tradition and innovation- CHS style

Central Cable News Network
Central High School Broadcasting Network
Two years of programming of Central's closed-circuit Cable News Network for your entertaiment and edification. CBN is taped and broadcast in HD and seen throughout the school. Funds have enabled CBN to purchase a 52" HD monitor for the main hallway area for staff and student viewing. A unique way to learn about what is important to our contemporary counterparts

Central High School Alumni.com
Central High School Alumni Association
Review the class websites, the CHS& CHS Alumni Photo Galleries, school updates, news and the status of major Alumni-sponsored rebuilding projects at CHS

Central High School Song
Central High School -The School Song w/Orchestra & Chorus

Central High School website
Central High School Website
All you would want to know about what is happening at CHS today- from the student's (ans alumnus) point of view. Very interesting reading.

Dr. Pavel in Retirement
Centralizer Interview with Dr. Sheldon Pavel in retirement
A candid, but positive interview with Dr. Sheldon Pavel as his portrait is dedicated at CHS. Enjoying his retirement and visiting his grandchildren in Kentucky pretty much says it all.

Elvis Presley's Greatest Hits
Elvis Presley's Greatest Hits
In a word...the greatest songs that Elvis recorded. The King of Rock n' Roll is still very much alive

Go Philadelphia!
Go Philadelphia!
A invaluable link to what's going on in Philly..particularly vital to all of you who are planning a visit or miss the ol' sod.

Musical Mix of the Fifties
Take Us back to The Fifties
More music that we grew up with.....play it loud and get on the dance floor with your special person

Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Inquirer -News of the Day
A daily overview of the highlights of the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News featuring sports, Philly interest articles

Philly Junk Food
Taste of Philadelphia
An alternate web site for ordering your favorite Philly treats, particularly when you feel home-sick or just want a Philly nosh

Philly Pretzels
Do you miss the junk food for which Philly is famous, and on which you thrived? Tasty Kakes, Cheese Steaks, Frank's Black Cherry Wishniak Soda, Goldenberg's Peanut Chews...and so much more. Well, now you can order these tasty morsels on line. Check this out for your next gathering of Philly friends.

Saul Broudy sings at Folk Festival
Saul Broudy sings at 'Hobo' Festival
Here's our class folklorist and performer, Saul Broudy, performing "The walbash Cannonball" at 1992 Balatonalmádi Country Fesztivál

Take Me Back To The Fifties
A Fifities and Sixties Mix
Enjoy for forty-eight minutes some of the music of our youth. The songs we grew up with

The Centralizer
The Centralizer in PDF format
Read the latest issues of the CHS school newspaper that kept us updated as to the latest happenings in and around school. The timeliness of the paper gives us the most recent goings-on at 'Dear Old High'. Also at this site is a link to the latest edition of the literary magazine "The Mirror" which underscores the creativity of the CHS body.