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Robert Perlman

                   Robert Perkis Perlman  

               June 2nd, 2019 was the day that the heart and soul of the 214th Class passed away. You can't look at the photo above from the cover of Bob's tome "Life and Love are not Spectator Sports"(1986) and not smile. His contributions to the class over its four years at CHS and the decades thereafter are immeasureable. We always wondered about what Bob might say at any given moment, and he never disappointed. He was brash, he was comical, he was philosophical, he was irreverent; he cared about everyone he knew, and when his own issues might have slowed a lesser person, Bob was stronger. He loved Central, he loved Central sports, and ever since his basketball days at CHS, he followed all the sports religiously. He tried to attend every game he could. He was an outstanding athlete, particularly on the basketball court. His son, Eli shared the game scores of some of his best performances, and Bob was stellar.

          After CHS, Bob attended Temple University, and majored in Business Administration. He also served in the United States Army for three years. He loved writing however, particularly poems and philosophical prose. His text was the embodiment of Bob, his thoughts  about life and love.You will also fine odes to growing up in Philly, his friends, parents, siblings, even a poem dedicated to some of his Eglish teachers, noitable Mr. Dish. Copies of his tome are available here and there, even on Amazon and E-bay. Just by having the tome in your collection, and reading a few selections periodically, you will brighten your day and put a smile on your face. We miss Bob's presence among us.