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Alma Mater

In case you've forgotten the melody and/or lyrics to our school song (Let others sing of college days, their Alma Maters true...) here are the CHS Symphonic Orchestra and Choir directed by Benjamin Blazer to help you recall. It's time to get into voice for the 60th Reunion...whenever it happens to be held after the Coronavirus Pandemic has been eliminated. 

Click on the IP address below.


Alma Mater

Let others sing of college days,

their Alma Maters true.

But when we raise our voices,

Tis only High for you.

We'll ne'er forget those days gone by.

Those glorious days of old.

When oft' we sang the praises of

the Crimson and the Gold.


Dear high, dear Central High

Thy mem'ries never die.

Thy honor we'll cherish,

And laud it to the sky.

On ballfield or in life,

In peace or deadly strife.

For thee we all will labor.

For thee, oh dear old High!

Second verse to be sung by alumni only:

But when at last we leave behind

 Thy shelt’ring portals wide,

Thy honor still we’ll cherish,

Whate’er may us betide.

And when we congregate again

With tuneful voice and strong,

With joyful hearts once more we’ll sing

This same old glorious song.



– Words by Horace M. Shell (112) and Francis A. Wade (112)

– Music by John L. Waldman, (112)

– Arranged by Francis Murphy

Second to the last line of the chorus was revised in 1996 to accommodate the co-ed student body.