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Welcome All!



An architectural rendering of the Fine and Performing Arts  addition to this venerable building. You can review its history by clicking on the CHS Updates page on this website. A $42,000,000 building modernization with a Fine and Performing Arts Center addition is now underway, groundbreaking having been done last fall. An initial $10,000,000 endowment was provided by Joseph M. Field, 192nd class and President and CEO of Entercom Communications Corporation to start the project;  an additional $8,000,000 was provided by the School District of Philadelphia to bring the project to fruition. More financial support, however,  is needed from our generous alumni to make Central High School truly a state-of-the-art facility, appropriate to the needs of its 21st century student body. Check out the specifics of this grand undertaking through the link on the website  the Alumni News (CHS Alumni Association Journal).

On another note--

           Almost sixty years ago- to be precise- on June 20th, 1960, we descended the North Walk for the last time...as students.  And the building rising over Olney Avenue is still a welcome sight so many years after.  But here's a sobering thought...we are only eight months away from our sixtieth reunion. I hope to see you next October  on the South Lawn - if not before. (photo-Central High School Alumni Journal).


My Fellow Centralites-

Welcome! The 214th Class website was designed almost fifteen years ago (and continually updated) for all Central students--no matter the class. To date more than 24,000 schoolmates - from the 186th class to the 273rd -have visited what I call an illustrated repository of Central High School history. Although the website tells the story of the 214th class, the visit will bring you a comprehensive look at our Alma Mater. The greatest bond that unites us all is the affection we share for our 'Dear Old high'.

The 214th class will have its 60th reunion this coming October 2020. The much-anticipated event will feature a delicious luncheon, and a fantastic building tour led by current CHS seniors, including a look at the new addition.  The evening soiree will take place at the Society Hill  Marriott, and will be memorable. More specific details will be posted on the website as they become available from the Reunion Committee.  Thanks to these twenty or so 214 classmates who have once again taken on the daunting task of organizing the reunion. There is no doubt that the 60th Reunion will be as exciting as our previous gatherings.  

By the way, be sure to check out the entire 214th class website--it can't be thoroughly enjoyed in a single visit. Click on to one of the page tabs on the left to start your journey.  

 For the 214ers, we now have a Facebook page with additional information about the upcoming Reunion. Other pertinent information will be added as received. Take a moment and visit the Facebook page- "214th class 60th class reunion".  Let us know on the page if you are planning to attend- we hope the response is 'yes'.

 And finally, if you have any updates, class-related information, photos, comments or additions/corrections, just drop me an  e-mail at hiapms@aol.com.

I will be sure to include your contribution on the website.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing all of you on the South Lawn- Think 60th Reunion, October 2020.


 Allen Hirsh

Webmaster                                                                                                             214th Class